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How To: Disney in 3 Days

Hi Darlings!

As some of you may know, I was just in Disney World from March 15th to March 20th! Which means- I was only eligible to be in the parks for three days! Now some of you may wonder ‘how do I do four parks in three days, Sophie?’ Well let me tell you, we did it, and with time to relax and tan in the sun as well!

My boyfriend Cody and I arrived at our hotel (Port Orleans Riverside) around 2pm on the 15th, seeing as our flight was about 6 in the morning. On this day we spend the evening in Disney Springs and had dinner at the Boathouse! Leaving the airport we took advantage of the Disney’s Magical Express bus that the hotel provided us with. It’s about an hour drive from the Orlando airport to Disney World and the Disney’s Magical Express made that hour fly by!

Port Orleans Riverside Resort Review: Although we did not take advantage of the eateries there at the resort, the resort itself was pretty great! It was no Polynesian, (which would be my top pick) but it was quite quaint for the price. It’s one of the cheaper ‘on-property’ resorts and its based on New Orleans and the Old South. If any of you are from the ‘burbs of Chicago, you might have heard of the kids place Wild West Town, which I think has the same aroma and characteristics behind Port Orleans Riverside (somewhat). The resort has a great atmosphere and a perfect little boat to and from Disney Springs, as it is on the Disney Springs plot. Our room at this resort, however, I wasn’t too keen on. I’m sure they have nice rooms there at the resort but the room we had was more of a cabin-appeal and it backed to the North depot and parking lot. The entry door to the room is an outdoor front which I wasn’t too impressed with for privacy and security reasons, but in all it was a very nice hotel!

Our first day in the parks we spend in Epcot. We planned our trip around the extra magic hours we were able to acquire due to staying on property. With this said, our first day Epcot had the early magic hours so we took advantage of that by entering an hour early before anyone else! This assured us an extra hour in the morning that most people would not be able to take part in. We got most of the spaceship earth area and the land done and everything in the main part of the future done in about 3 hours which was perfect timing to go back to the hotel and tan by the pool, (a huge favorite of mine). So around 11:30 we headed back to the bus and got back to our resort. After two or three hours we went back to Epcot and did the world showcase part of Epcot, which was FABULOUS because it just so happened to be Flower and Garden Festival! The decor was amazing and so was the food. I had braised short ribs from an eatery just before entering the Canada Pavillon; Cody had scallops and some sort of veggies. To finish the night we ended at Magic Kingdom watching the Wishes Fireworks Spectacular (a MUST, but it’s changing in may ): )


The second day we spent our day in our favorite park, Magic Kingdom! We again took advantage of the extra magic hours and arrived sprightly at 8am. We established our fast passes 30 days in advance so we had our places in line, and did those fast passes in the morning for Peter Pan, Pirates of the Caribbean, and Haunted Mansion. Also had time to go to Sleepy Hollow and inhale a Nutella and fruit waffle for breakfast (yum!). Around 11:30 again we left for the hotel! This was making our quick trip SO relaxing and I must recommend doing this. We all need ‘us’ time, especially when going to the parks. Walking around those parks and getting up at the crack of dawn just to go to bed at midnight is tiring and having a break in the middle of the day is a LIFE savor. When we were finished relaxing by the pool, Cody and I went back to MK and finished the night with Fireworks and a Mickey ice cream bar.

On the third (and last) day we spent it doing the two parks where we usually spend the least amount of time! Animal Kingdom and Hollywood Studios, (actually saw the fireworks in MK that night, too so we did three parks in one day! Thank you hopper passes!). We spent the morning in Animal Kingdom putting around, eating Mickey pretzels, and taking pictures. We rode the Dinosaur ride twice thanks to fast passes and a short wait time, and were going to ride Kali River Rapids but it was actually SO cold that morning so we didn’t get ’round to it! After our midday relax session we arrived at Hollywood Studios where we met Chewbacca from Star Wars, Cody rode Rockin’ Roller Coaster, (I hate roller coasters!) and Star Tours! We then went back to MK and spent the evening devouring an ice cream sandwich from the ice cream parlor on Main St. USA, and drinking La Fou’s Brew from Gaston’s Tavern- a crowd favorite!

Here it is- the day we went home! Our flight wasn’t until 6:50 pm so we had time to lay out by the sun all day! We had to checkout around 11:00 so we nipped to Disney Springs for a Joffrey’s for a Flynn Hawaiian, (best smoothie you’ll ever drink). The resort was very accommodating by holding our luggage after we checked out and letting us still use the amenities of the hotel including the showers in the bathrooms by the pool after we had been swimming!

This short trip to disney was relaxing AND fun and magical. You can have it all- trust me! Just relax, put your feet up, enjoy the ride, and let the magic of Disney do all the work for you. Have a great trip and remember to have fun!


-The enchanted mind of Sophie Salt-


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