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Why You Should Overpack for Disney

Hello Darlings!

Looking at the title of this post you’re all probably thinking: ‘Sophie, why would I overpack for a trip to Disney World?” Well, my unbelievers, it’s actually an extremely smart thing to do! I have learned my lesson of only packing the right amount of clothes for the right amount of days; trust me, we’ve all been there. We’ve all had the horrible lump in your throat you get when you’re at the point where you can’t close your suitcase, and you have to sit on it to zip it shut, but overpacking might be the right way to go.

Florida, (even though called the sunshine state) can be VERY up and down with the temperatures- don’t even get me started with the rain! If you go on a trip to Orlando and it doesn’t rain at least once, you’ve had a blessed trip. In which case, it’s much easier to overpack and be fully prepared, than to be stuck in wet clothes and having nothing to change into.

Say you’re taking advantage of park hoppers and you’re going to go to a couple of parks within a day- you might get wet on Splash Mountain in Magic Kingdom, or Kali River Rapids in Animal Kingdom. You might get too hot waiting outside of the People Mover in Magic Kingdom and get the only shirt you brought for that day drenched with sweat, (which trust me- it’s no fun for the guy behind you, either). Please, if anything, bring almost a third more of what you already packed with you.

Whether that be a new pair of shoes because you have blisters and can’t bare to wear those Birkenstocks again, (let alone look at them) or a new set of undies because you sat in a puddle on the Pirates ride in Magic Kingdom and can’t wait for them to dry you really can’t go wrong with overpacking.

If you’re a picture taking freak like me, I love to take pictures EVERYWHERE. I mean, how many Spaceship Earth pictures can a girl really have to be too many? I always love changing up my outfits and clothes to go with the day or park I am going to, (also to match the ears I am going to wear). Who’s to say you can’t wear two different outfits a day? You have time in-between going to different parks to change styles and to change your look for the up and coming park!

*Park apparel tip*: Check out easy shops and instagrammers before heading to the Disney Parks. Try out new ears, new tees, and even some new pin and magic band designs that you might have not seen before! Having the right outfit while in Disney World makes all the difference meaning you feel good and you look good! A few of my favorites include lostbrostradingco.com, ohyeahapparel.com, ears by_mellie on instagram, and the mermaidharp on instagram! You can check out all of these lovely Disney people on instagram and they all have links to where you can purchase their apparel! It’s fun for the whole family! (I’ll insert a picture of me wearing the Mickey Waffle Crossbones Tee from the lostbrostradingco here).



If you have learned one thing about going to Disney World, and one thing from me, it’s bring extra outfits! Trust me, a girl can never have too big of a suitcase (; (unless you reach the 50 lb limit on American Airlines, then you may have an issue).


-The enchanted mind of Sophie Salt-



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