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20th birthday

Hello darlings!

Well, the day is here mom, I made it- my 20th birthday! How do I even begin to fathom how the past 20 years have flown by? It’s so crazy to me to think that I’ve spent the majority of it in school or doing things for other people. 20 years old and I’ve finally decided to do things for me and only me! Do things that actually make me happy and not begin to think of what the societal ideals believe of it.

Anyway, let’s get into how I used my day to celebrate! (That’s what everyone wants to know right?)

My moms basically the best. I woke up to donut holes from Jewel Osco- don’t knock them till u try them- which are honestly he best things in the world. I hate donuts, but these things I swear are magical. We got Dunkin’ Donuts coffee, iced of course, then headed down to the city for some shopping and linner in the best place ever imagined, (yes, I said linner, if you weren’t aware it’s lunch mixed with dinner which is great because you can have cake for an actual dinner later on in the day). 

What I wore:

  • Sneakers- Vans
  • Leggings- Express cropped
  • Sweatshirt- PacSun Me to We cropped
  • Duster coat- Ralph Lauren
  • Purse- Tory Burch

Any who, we both shopped till we dropped and had LINNER at Rosebud on Rush which has THE best vodka pasta you will ever eat. They use marscapone cheese which (I think is the secret) makes it AMAZE. I bought a dress for Easter with a matching blue suede jacket and LOOK how adorable my mom is (I didn’t take a pic of the jacket but I found it online so here it is).





I came home to the most relaxing afternoon on the planet and devoured my moms homemade chocolate coffee cake, and if you know her cooking you’d know why I devoured it. I literally have this cake every year for my birthday and I definitely look forward to it all year. She didn’t want me to take a picture of it since the icing slid off one one side so here’s a pic of the inside. (Yes I had this entire piece and yes I enjoyed every last bit of it). 

Now for the night of my birthday: onward to Disney movies!

I can’t believe A). It’s already my birthday- ift feels like just yesterday was  last years’ birthday? And B). That it’s already over ): thank you all so much for the birthday wishes you have no idea how greatly appreciated they all were. It’s amazing to see the heart in some people and how you can take some time out of your day to say happy birthday to someone. I’m so truly blessed to have amazing people around me, boyfriend WHO SURPRISED ME FROM NIU and amazing parents. Thank you for everyone who made today extra special!

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