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Beauty and the Beast: The Ultimate Showdown

So, the new Beauty and the Beast movie came out this month on the 17th, and you’re all wondering “is it worth the hype”? My answer is YES! I must admit, I wasn’t too much of a fan when I found out this movie was coming out; but me liking it? Highly unlikely. I know I know, everyone was on board- and being a Disney fan one would’ve thought I would be excited. The truth is, I’m no movie critic, but the other live action Disney movies that have recently come to shore haven’t been at the top of my watch-again list.

Let’s think: Cinderella- horrible. Didn’t follow the original storyline, the plot was confusing and all over the place. Jungle book- I know this one is a 80/20% with 80% of people loving it, but I was not a fan. Tarzan- (let’s be real I watched the first half and turned it off). Maleficent- ehh

The new BATB? MUST see! I went with my mom to watch this movie and I must say we both shed a tear or two. The music is phenomenal- bringing the originals we all fell in love with, with new orchestra and plots that really tug at those heart strings. I was a bit weary when I originally saw Emma Watson stating as Belle, (because duh, Hermoine?) but she fit the part and then some. The love story that we all fell in love with as kids was reinacted perfectly and made me fall in love with the storyline all over again! They did a fabulous job directing the film and the cast was hand picked beautifully, (and hello, Josh Gad.. Olaf!). I’m quite blown away of how closely the movie followed the original storyline. They added small blips of up to date slang and personality to it but in all it followed the plot brilliantly.
In all, it was a must see. I highly recommend this movie if you’re feeling down and need a pick-me-up or in need of seeing a good film. I’m OBSESSED. 

-From the enchanted mind of Sophie Salt


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