DIY Disney Decor

Hello darlings!

April’s here, and you know what that means? Spring has (hopefully) sprung! What better activity to do in the spring than DIYs and what’s my favorite DIY you ask, Disney inspired, of course!

Doing DIY projects is a fabulous stress reliever, it’s fun and easy to do, and it always makes a great gift! Also if you’re trying to spice up your living area, it’s quaint and you can say, “I made that!” it’s entirely unique!

If you know me, you know one of my favorite Disney classics is Alice in Wonderland! What better way to add a bit of Disney into your home and living space is adding a piece of your favorite Disney film! Here, I got a white rabbit post card from The Paper Merchant in downtown Geneva. I believe it was around 5$ and it just came as a plain post card, (on the back is the address section and all).

After I gathered my post card, I hopped to home goods and purchased a rose gold 5X7 picture frame to fit it! Voilà- you have a DIY photo treat that’s easy to put anywhere in your home to add a bit of Disney joy.

This next one is extremely similar in that it was a post card that I framed. When you stay at a Disney Resort, a few weeks or months after your trip you receive a post card in the mail with a Mickey drawing on it! It’s the cutest darn thing and it also makes as a great piece of Disney decor.😉

The frame is also rose gold ans from Home Goods!

My next (and most sought-after) DIY is my pin board! Although not very full yet, I think it’s a cute and easy way to display all of your Disney Parks pins that you have received and purchased! I have my pins grouped in similarity going clockwise: Star Wars, Lilo & Stitch, Hercules, Nightmare Before Christmas, Peter Pan, Alice in Wonderland and of course, in the middle, Mickey Mouse! Some of these pins I purchased when I was last at the parks, and some I have traded- (*tip* if you’re wanting to trade pins look on eBay or Amazon for a bundle pack of 20-50 pins to trade for as less as a couple of dollars!).

My favorite pins so far are the toddler Hercules pin, (traded) the Peter and Wendy pin, (Cody bought for me) the Captain Hook pin, (I bought; he’s my favorite character) and of course the Magic Kingdom pin! (Purchased at World of Disney in Disney Springs)

For the board itself I purchased blocks of cork from Hobby Lobby which was about 7-9$ and a frame from Hobby Lobby as well. The frame was the most hard to find because I believe the cork has some unique measurements which made the choices of frames minimal. I can’t wait to collect more pins and fill up my board to make yet another!

Also the two map Mickey ear pins were my dads, (vintage!) and the gold Mickey ear pin was from BoxLunch, i.e. it’s not a traditional Disney Parks pin.

Next on the list we have a favorite of mine because it’s completely a DIY! My boyfriend Cody made this wooden plaque for me for my 19th birthday, since the song He Mele No Lilo from Lilo and Stitch is our song, the movie is kind of our thing. We have a shared love for Disney and he knows my love for room decor so he put them together and came up with this fabulous DIY gift! I believe he got the wooden plaque and the wood-carver tool from Michaels! The wood carver tool is the most expensive part of this DIY at $30 ish dollars, but once you have one you can continue making things like this for gifts and for yourself! I am absolutely obsessed with this one.

I love finding Disney decor ideas and showing the world what I do to put a bit of Disney magic into my everyday life and style!
-From the enchanted mind of Sophie Salt-



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