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How to Create the Perfect Easter Decorations

Hello darlings!

Isn’t it crazy that it’s already Easter season?! When you think of Easter there are tons of things that you’re bound to think of… but one thing that always gets me excited are the beautiful pastel colors! Okay- maybe not EVERYTHING has to be pastel, (but we’re going to try, right?).

You know me and my love for DIY’s and decorations, so I thought what better than to show you all some things my mom and I did this easter to bring some happiness into this holiday with home-made decorations! Every holiday my mom and I go to a pottery place and we paint some pottery, (this year didn’t go so well). We picked eggs (Easter, duh) but they didn’t exactly go as planned. We’ve made GREAT things in the past- don’t get me wrong, things can seem good to us but not to other people, but we usually are quite crafty and our pottery usually comes out up to standards BUT with that being said, these eggs did not make the cut, (but I’m going to show you them anyway!). The paint, as you can see in some of the angles, hasn’t stuck right when it was in the kiln and the colors weren’t as vibrant as a pastel as we had hoped. They weren’t some of our most creative or well done pieces BUT they’ll look good from a far😉.

With that being said, we each made our OWN pieces of Easter decorations! First is pictures what I made, which is a wreath. I got my supplies at Hobby Lobby and it all came to around 29$ for the lot. This was somewhat of a last-minute choice seeing as they didn’t have what I originally planned on doing, (I was going to make an upside down carrot wreath including orange tulips but they didn’t have any 😩). Any who, I purchased the wooden wreath plain for $4.99 and the flowers separate. My favorite part about making this wreath was I got to choose the colors and the flowers myself and arrange them how I think would fit. I used hot glue to secure them into and on the wreath and voila! In my opinion the colors and flowers I had picked for this wreath fit cohesive and beautifully.

As for my mom, she made and put together a lovely Easter banner for above the fireplace. We’re holiday nerds and usually have some sort of “Happy ___” banner for each and every holiday. This time, we have a home-made one that fits our style and home decor perfectly! She got all of her supplies at Michaels for around $30. She used pre made cardboard-colored triangle banner pieces, used stencils to etch her letters on, and pastel paint. The most expensive part was the paint and the brushes seeing as she wanted the paint to be good quality and beautiful in color. I absolutely love how this turned out and I think I’m gonna take that idea for the next holiday😉.

Creating your own holiday decor is a fun stress reliever and you can be surprised how professional these things tend to come out like! I would go ahead and highly suggest to go in Pinterest or google and look up DIY [holiday] decor and TONS of inspiration will come about! I had found so many for easter that I wanted to do, but I settled with something more conventional than not. I encourage you all to make your own decorations because although sometimes pricier, you’ll get a kick out of doing it. I can’t wait to see what you all have in store for the holidays!
-From the enchanted mind of Sophie Salt-


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