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Favorite Finds From March & April

Hello Darlings!

Spring is usually when the majority of people gain the most items to their collections for vacations, summer goals, and the pure change of weather! Being a girl, I have quite the collection of makeup, accessories, and fashion items that I add to throughout the year, (one can’t curb the shop appeal!). With my up and coming trips this summer, I needed to acquire some new travel accessories to accompany what I have already. With that being said, here are some of the items that I have collected over the past two months or so that I think are so great!

Firstly come beauty products. Spring is the epiphany of spring makeup looks and with that come bright colors, pastels, cool tones and warm tones. My favorite palette that I have recently purchased is the Natural Love pallet by Two Faced. When this pallet first came out I didn’t want to buy it until I saw it in person, and when I did I was in shock with how beautiful it is! The pigment of this pallet is so high in sheen it looks good with every occasion.

The next couple beauty items are also some of my favorites. The first being a cream highlighter by the brand Cover Fx which is the brand of foundation I have been using for the past few years. Cover Fx is a fabulous brand if you don’t know it and it is one of the few brands that don’t make me break out. The shade I have here is in the shade Blossom and it’s part of their “click” collection where technically you can put a concealer, highlighter, foundation stick on either end of the stick where it “clicks in” which makes travel convenient.

The next, being the Tarte shape tape concealer in Light Sand. This concealer is in such high demand you almost nearly can’t get it anywhere unless they restock the shelves right when you have the opportunity to go! You can also get it on the Ulta website seeing as I believe they are quite unique to Ulta stores. This concealer is so full coverage it is phenomenal for under eye conceal and highlighting the high points of your face.

Up next in the beauty category are some lip items i have fallen in love with. I purchased them both from Urban Outfitters in Chicago, but you can get them online at different stores. The first, being a cool-toned purple, pink shimmer lipstick in the shade “Mirage” by the brand Lime Crime. I love this color because it goes with almost every outfit being that it is a shimmer and picks up colors from all angles. The next, being a lip topper by the same brand in the shade “Dope”. This lip topper tastes and smells like candy and looks AMAZING on top of any lip color imaginable. It is reflective and almost metallic as the flecks of glitter also pick up almost anything imaginable. This combination of the two make for a wonderful summery, sparkly lip combo.

The top right photo shows a liquid highlighter by the brand NYX. NYX is an amazing affordable brand that is becoming widely popular in its’ time. I picked this liquid highlighter up from my local Ulta, as well. The color I have here is “Crystal glare” its more of a bright champagne colored highlighter and goes with any makeup look you’re wearing. Its high shine and works best with dabbing it in areas you want to look extra glowy and rubbing it in with your fingers or makeup sponge. I use this product on its own for a “no-makeup” makeup look, or as a base for a powder highlight on days that I want it to pop. This liquid highlighter comes in various colors perfect for any skin tone.

My next, and last, two beauty products are more of sustainable beauty rather than makeup products. The first, being the Sleep aromatherapy lotion from Bath and Body Works. I have tried this before in their travel size and the pillow and room spray but they didn’t work as well as this lotion right here, (I think because the creaminess of this lotion is more concentrated). I received this as a gift for my birthday and I’ve been using it every night since. When I was a little girl and I had trouble breathing when I was sick, my mom would put Vicks on my chest and the pads of my feet to help me breathe and it worked- so that’s what i’ve been doing with this, (I know you’re thinking “palms of your feet?” But yes- it helps go into your bloodstream faster and works better!). If you know me, you know I have always had certain trouble sleeping and suffer with insomnia, with a little bit of use this helps a lot, which I never thought would be possible!

Pictured next, I have an eyebrow growth serum called “Rapid Brow” by the brand Voronajj. You can purchase this anywhere from target to Walgreens, but I purchased mine on amazon prime. Some time in February I had a lapsed moment in time where I thought I should get my eyebrows waxed by someone I’ve never had before, and before I knew it half of my eyebrow was literally GONE- as in there was a chunk missing. In a panic, i googled the best eyebrow serum known to man and got this pretty guy on Amazon. About two months later my eyebrows are back and healthier than ever, (not to mention deeper in color and fullness!). This eyebrow Gel is HIGHLY recommended and I am definitely going to keep using it.

Up next for favorites of mine is clothing! The first photo here is a photo of two of my new favorite dresses. The first, being a plum/mauve color with tassels and pom poms is from Forever 21. I’m going to Greece this summer and I thought both of these dresses would be perfect for that trip! With that being said, the following dress is just a pale blue/white color from Zara. It’s a peplum-like romper dress which I absolutely adore!

The following Tee is from Urban Outfitters, it’s a mens tee from the “renewal” department of their store. It’s just an oversized band tee with gold writing on the front which I thought would be perfect to dress up with a gold choker necklace and some denim mom jeans.

The next two embroidered tops pictured are both from Zara. The first, white one, I got from the Disney Springs Zara in Orlando back in March and I’m absolutely obsessed with the fit and material of it. It’s extreamly light weight but has a thickish material which makes it stand out straight from you to make the style fit right. The next, I bought in the Zara in downtown Chicago in March as well and I am also obsessed with this! I am so into the embroidery trend that’s happening now seeing as I was brought up on it! This top is like a deep pink color, (and usually I don’t go for pinks, but this spring it has been showing up a lot in my closet!) and it ties to close in the front- perfect for the summer with just a lace or frilly bralette under it.

The last few items in the clothing category of my favorites are clothing accessories! Girls love their accessories and here are my current absolute faves. First, being a powder blue suede moto jacket from Zara. I am OBSESSED with this jacket and I can’t wait to wear it every spring night. If you know me, you know that I wear my leather jacket on any and every occasion, this jacket replicates the same look but brings some spring pastel-vibes into my outfits instead!

The next accessory being my new spring purse by Kate Spade. I put away the Tory Burch and made way for this perfect, bright spring purse featuring pastel colors in a watercolor, poppy-flower look. This purse is so versatile by being a cross body/over the shoulder/hand-held purse! The larger arm strap can be removed to make it a hand held and the purse is so large, (which is my favorite kind of purse) so I am able to fit in all of my necessities. I picked up this purse at the Chicago Premium Outlet mall in Aurora, IL for around 80$! It was such a steal I could not pass it up!

Lastly, the beloved checkered Vans. Might I just say that these were my FIRST pair of fashion gym shoes growing up as a kid. Although back when I had them originally, they weren’t as in fashion as they are now. I received these from my mom for my 20th birthday and I literally wear them with everything, (I am now regretting getting rid of the ones I had prior!). These shoes are such a bandwagon trend but I absolutely adore them.

Almost done! Here, we have home-wear kind of accessories that I fell in love with these past couple of months. First, a candle from Anthropology that my mom got me for Easter. I have had my eye on this candle for EVER and I am in love. Have you ever smelled something that smells like your childhood or something that you can’t quite remember but it makes you happy? If that makes sense-then you know what I mean when I say I feel the same way about this candle! The “flavor” is “Poppies and Mandarin” from the brand Capri Blue. The style of this candle is so beautiful and boho-ish it’s so beautiful and smells just as so.

Following the candle is, of course, a Disney item, what would a favorites post be without?! Cody got me this Pegasus plush in Disney World when we went for my birthday this past March. I am OBSESSED with Hercules, (I even have a tattoo after the fabulous movie and mythological story) so when I saw this Pegasus plush I absolutely fell in love and my beloved boyfriend got it for me! (:

Lastly for home-wear, another Disney item that, guess what, I got in Disney World. I have been keeping an eye on this mug for what seems like ages now and I finally bought it. The mug is a traditional teacup mug featuring the Alice in Wonderland Teacup ride in Walt Disney World, and Disneyland. Also a HUGE plus is that this mug is in my two favorite colors, (It also comes in other colors if you’re not a fan of yellow or lilac).

And at last we come to the last category of mine for favorites; travel. I have been traveling so much lately that I thought it was time to get some new travel accessories and carry on items. I went to the Vera Bradley outlet store also located in the Chicago Premium Outlet mall in Aurora. I am not even kidding when I say all of these items, plus about five things my mom bought at the same time, cost under $100, which is INSANE considering that the tote alone I picked up retails for more than that. I couldn’t get quite a good photo of it or the jewelry roll-up case so I added some from online that I found. The tote fits everything that I need to fit into a carry on and more! Plus its zip able so nothing falls out when under the seat in front of me! Also, the little floral pouch I am using for electronics and my camera accessories seeing as I didn’t want to bring my photography backpack every time I go places! It fits everything inside that I need to bring perfectly.


-The enchanted mind of Sophie Salt-


Wrapping up my two-month favorites, listed are some of the above things that I love so deeply that you can purchase (un including things that I could not find, that were on sale, or things that are no longer available).



Natural Love Palette

Cover FX Highlighter

Tate Shape Tape Concealer

Lime Crime Lipstick

NYX Liquid Highlighter

Lime Crime Lip Topper

Bath and Body Works Sleep Body Cream

Rapid Brow Serum



Blue Zara Romper

Embroidered Pink Top

Checkered Vans


Home wear:

Teacup Mug Yellow




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