About me

Hey! I’m Sophie, i’m of college age living in the sunny suburbs of Chicago (the sunny part was a joke). I’m a classic closet nerd who is Twilight obsessed, watches Avatar the last Airbender religiously and indefinitely ships Captain Swan and Rose and Dimitri. I’m all for everything Disney, fashion related, and magical. My family originates from the UK where I wish I was brought up- sadly I was misplaced in Illinois. I would describe myself as a lost princess mainly because I have yet to find my place in the world. I believe everyone has there own path that they were put on and I can’t wait to figure out what mine is!
Likes: PASTA! Dogs, England, Disney! Peter pan, pixie dust, mermaids, witches and wizards, unicorns, star wars, aliens and hair dye. 
Everyone of course has there favorite Disney movies, mine include Alice in Wonderland, Peter Pan, Hercules, and Rapunzel (also have a soft spot for Thumbelina).
Current favorite TV shows: marvels agents of shield, the magicians, young and hungry, once upon a time.